familiar“This is the place.” Willow stopped in front of the small brick home. The full moon illuminated the road. She paused at the end of the driveway and licked her paw. She was still adjusting to her feline form. The moon hung high in the sky, bathing the darkness in its subtle light.

Willow slowly made her way to the front porch, her dark fur blending in perfectly with her night-drenched surroundings. There was no need to hurry; her young charge wouldn’t awaken for several hours. The girl inside didn’t know it yet, but her life was about to take a magical turn with Willow by her side to guide her. For now, Willow curled up under an old lawn chair that had been forgotten in the corner of the porch to wait for morning.


The darkness eventually gave way to the rising sun. The dawn of the new day had finally arrived. Willow stood up and stretched before wandering to the door where she carefully scratched her claws to alert the residents of her presence. Several minutes passed before the door creaked open. A young girl of about thirteen appeared in the threshold.

“A kitty!” The girl kneeled down to stroke Willow’s head. “What are you doing out here? You should come inside where it’s warm. I’m sure my mother wouldn’t mind.”

“Mrrrow!” Willow followed the girl inside. There was still much work to do. This was only the beginning.


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